Each course is broken down into lessons and activities. Each lesson has a demonstration video for you to follow techniques and tips from Kim.
There is an area for comments and photos within the lesson.

There will occasionally be worksheets or projects for you to follow but mostly you will be expected to use the videos as inspiration for developing your own projects and playing with techniques. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, post pictures and learn much in the way they would in a classroom situation but a big difference is the length of time in which it will be possible for us to engage with each other.

You can work along with the videos at your own speed.
All workshops will be available to view on the Ruzuku website for the life of either Ruzuku, Sonas Studio or the Internet which ever ends first. That way, if something happens to get in the way of you settling down to work, you don't need to panic about time running out. Kim will occasionally pop into the workshops to see what you’re all up to.

Experimental Textiles and Hot Textiles will have support from Kim for the set duration of the courses!


Great videos again Kim thank you, even a daft old bat beginner like me could understand them.
Kathy Gledsdale /  Manipulating with Heat and A New Starting Point

Short Courses

A New Starting Point

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Transforming Transfer

Manipulating with Heat

Long Courses

Hot Textiles

Experimental Textiles

1/2 Day Courses

Scrumptious Spunbond
Coming soon...


Discover and develop the redemptive qualities of old newspapers, maps, music and books.


Explore the possibilities of transfer paints and crayons, creating startling colours on synthetics.


Learn simple techniques using heat tools to create wonderful decorative surfaces and 3D objects.


Based on Kim’s first book this course  incorporates Manipulating with Heat, Transforming Transfer and On the Surface.


Based on Kim’s very popular course and book these workshops will take place over 6 months with a two day workshop once a month.


Create striking newspaper faux chenille


A great synthetic fabric that distresses with heat


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