Before you Enrol...

A Few things to think about...

Kim’s courses and teaching style are not for everyone!
Have a good read through the course descriptions before signing up for a course.

Some courses will cover similar information so that complete beginners get all the information they need. If you’re not a beginner but still want to learn and develop your practice and skills please be patient and by all means use the fast forward button!!

Your feedback is invaluable to our development of the courses but please be constructive, this is a new venture for us and we are learning all the time. We’re not professional videographers or editors, we will get better, but at the same time we do want the videos to reflect Kim and her teaching style so please don’t expect slick and polished...

Please be sure you have chosen the right course and have the time  to participate before signing up as unfortunately we cannot offer refunds.

Beginner, intermediate, advanced?
Or do you just fancy learning a new process?

All the workshops that Sonas Studio offer are for open minded students who wish to experiment and develop their own style and way of working.  Whether you are a beginner in the field of textiles or have been working in it for years, we all need prompts to get going, have a play... see what happens. . .

You can work along with the videos at your own speed – they will be able available to view on the Ruzuku website for 6 months from the start date of the course. That way, if something happens to get in the way of you settling down to work, you don’t need to panic about time running out.

Please be sure you have chosen the right course and have the time  to participate before signing up as unfortunately we cannot offer refunds.

If you are new to Kim’s techniques, processes and the way that she works, then all the workshops that Sonas Studio offers will be helpful to you.

Kim teaches processes, not finished pieces of work, though several of the workshops will give you ideas on how to develop a process further and other practical applications.

It is her belief that if you teach students a process then they can make anything. This has been proven throughout her 25 years of teaching in this way.

It is about making connections between your ideas, the medium and the products you work with. As you work with a process you will get your own ideas on how to explore and develop it.

We all come with many years experience of learning, whether it is crochet, knitting, dressmaking, collage, card making right up to City & Guilds, BA and MA qualifications. We can all learn something new!

You will know that every time you make something, whether it is a cake or a dress, things will never turn out the same. That is what Kim finds so exciting about working in textiles. Kim is not wanting you to copy how she works, more for you to try out the techniques, then find your own way with them.

So – Kim is not going to place a level on the workshops.
The question you need to answer for yourself is – do I need a reason or excuse to sit down and play for a few days . . . ?

How much do online workshops cost?
One day workshop equivalents are 80-90
(depending on exchange and postage rates)
Two day workshop equivalents are 150

There will also be some short single technique lessons (equivalent to a couple of hours) at 40 each.

Each one or two day workshop will include a full colour book of inspiration photographs posted to wherever you are in the world. These books will never be for sale. They are only available to workshop participants.

How do I pay for the workshop?
When you visit the enrolment page and sign up for a workshop you will be given options for payment, processed via PayPal. US dollars is the default choice for payment. Please note your course is not confirmed until you have paid.

Who are the Sonas Studio workshops aimed at?
Anyone who has an interest in textiles – whatever aspect of it. Beginners and more experienced artists are all welcome. Beginners will have all the information they need to start working in a new product or technique and more experienced students will be able to reinforce techniques that may have become a bit rusty. We never stop learning – that is what is so exciting.

How does a Sonas Studio online workshop differ from a workshop with Kim in a classroom?
The luxury of learning at your own pace in your own home. You will have the opportunity to work alongside other students and Kim for a set length of time in a virtual  classroom. Or you can work alone at your own speed, whenever it is convenient. The beauty of this way of learning is that you have the choice to learn with others – or not.

Why pay for a workshop when there is so much free information on YouTube?
It is completely up to you. Only you can make the choice. However, these are workshops, you will be able to talk to fellow students and Kim with any problems you’re having with the techniques or just to share your work and ideas, learning as much from each other as well as from the material.

You will be making an investment in your education. These workshops are filmed in several short videos to enable you to work along with them.  Some of the content in the workshops will overlap as one or two of them will include some of the same techniques, for example, painted Bondaweb. But they each stand alone.

How long will participants have access to class content?
Class content will be available for a total of 6 months from the start date of the workshop, for one and two days courses. The short lessons will be available for 3 months. If we leave it any longer – there is always the danger that you will leave it for later – then later, and not actually do the workshop!

Will I get regular support from Kim?
Yes! For the set 2 weeks for the 1 day equivalent workshops and 3 weeks for the 2 day equivalent workshops Kim will be available daily. For students working on their own Kim will do her very best to reply within 24 hours (depending on time zone).
Short lessons will not have support as they are very simple to follow, although Kim may be unable to stop herself from dropping in to see what’s happening!

How is the workshop content delivered?
Each course is broken down into lessons and activities. Each lesson has a demonstration video for you to follow techniques and tips from Kim. There is an area for comments and photos within the lesson. There will occasionally be worksheets or projects for you to follow but mostly you will be expected to use the videos as inspiration for developing your own projects and playing with techniques. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, post pictures and learn much in the way they would in a classroom situation but a big difference is the length of time in which it will be possible for us to engage with each other.

Workshops will be available for 6 months so you can work at your own pace should you wish. Although you are encouraged to start the course as soon as possible if you want feedback from Kim. There will be a timeframe for this which will be listed at the start of each course.

What happens if I am not very confident using a computer? Will I be able to follow along with the class?
Ruzuku is simple to navigate, if you can write an email or open a website you should have no problems with the course.
They also have a great support service for students who need them.

Is it possible to view the workshop content on a tablet or mobile device?
Yes, tablets and mobile devices work well with Ruzuku.

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