Sonas means happiness and well being in Irish. When I first saw the house with the amazing view that I was to buy on the West Coast of County Clare Ireland, I felt I could breathe...
All I could hear were the waves crashing... and larks singing. Bliss.

I have been wanting to slow down, travel less, yet still maintain a connection with past students and to work with new students.

Creating a selection of online workshops seems to the best way to go.
This way I can work with students all over the world.
Sonas Studio was born...

A New Starting Point
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Transforming Transfer enrolling now!

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Each course consists of demonstration videos, tips and techniques to follow, they are process not project based, you are always encouraged to use a technique to find your own way. Longer courses are accompanied by inspiration booklets, which will be sent by post, these are exclusive to the online courses.

  A few things to think about...  

Kim’s courses and teaching style are not for everyone!
Have a good read through the course descriptions and the
‘before you enrol’ information before signing up for a course.

Some courses will cover similar information so that complete beginners get all the information they need. If you’re not a beginner but still want to learn and develop your practice and skills please be patient and by all means use the fast forward button!!

Your feedback is invaluable to our development of the courses but please be constructive, this is a new venture for us and we are learning all the time. We’re not professional videographers or editors, we will get better, but at the same time we do want the videos to reflect Kim and her teaching style so please don’t expect slick and polished...

Please be sure you have chosen the right course and have the time  to participate before signing up as unfortunately we cannot offer refunds


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